11 Jun 2018 - 12 Jun 2018 | Oslo, Norway
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11 Jun 2018 - 12 Jun 2018
Oslo, Norway
Globalisation, Inequality, Energy

Benjamin Sovacool, Professor University of Sussex, Director of the Sussex Energy Group and Director of the Center on Innovation and Energy Demand

Dr. Benjamin K. Sovacool works as a researcher and consultant on issues pertaining to energy policy, energy security, climate change mitigation, and climate change adaptation. 

Mireille Martini, Finance Watch

Expert in climate finance, Mireille has long worked as an investment banker in Paris and in London. She participated in commissions on Climate finance during the COP 21 and is co-author of the book "Financing the energy transition", together with Alain Grandjean. 

Dan Banik, Professor of Political Sciences, University of Oslo and Consulting Scolar Stanford University

Dan Banik is professor in political sciences and Reserach Director of The Oslo SDG Initiative. He has developed two MOOCs within sustainability and is engaged in issues related to poverty, democracy, inequality and the global south.

Jon Lomøy, director general, The Norwegian agency for development cooperation (NORAD)

Jon Lomøy has been the Norwegian ambassador in Zambia and Tanzania and has worked several years for the OECD and for NORAD. Since November 2015, he is the director general of NORAD.

Gaël Giraud, Head of the Innovation, Research and Knowledge department, Agence Française de Développement

Gaël Giraud has a large spectrum of research interests, including game theory and finance, and works on energy and development issues. As a chief economist at the AFD, he focuses on energy poverty, consumption inequalities and sustainable production, in particular in Africa. 

Karen O'Brien, Professor in Human Geography, University of Oslo

Karen O'Brien’s research focuses on climate change impacts, vulnerability, and adaptation including how climate change interacts with globalization processes and the implications for human Security. She has participated in four IPCC reports and is on the Science Committee for Future Earth, a 10-year global change research initiative.

Bastien Alex, Research Fellow, IRIS (French Institute for International and Strategic Affairs)

Bastien Alex is in charge of the Climate, Energy and Security Program and studies climate change impacts on energy issues. He also participates in the Geopolitical Observatory of cimate change impacts, conducting studies for the French Ministry of Defense.  

Karl Ove Moene, Professor of Economics, Leader of the Centre of Equality, Social Organization and Performance (ESOP), University of Oslo

Karl Ove Moene has a strong interest in inequality, labour markets, welfare states and economic development in poor and rich countries. He believes that many of the world’s current problems related to inequality can only be solved by interdisciplinary expertise and collaborative efforts. 

Jean-Pierre Favennec, Association for the Development of Energy in Africa (ADEA)

Jean-Pierre Favennec is a specialist in energy economics and geopolitics. He is an energy consultant for private companies and governement, in addition to managing yearly worldwide conferences on oil, gas and electricity in Paris and in Africa.

Marc-Antoine Eyl-Mazzega, Head of Energy Centre, IFRI (French Institute of International Relations)

After having worked at the International Energy Agency, Marc-Antoine Eyl-Mazzega joined the Energy Center, with a focus on geopolitics of oil and gas. The Energy Centre also examines energy policies in emerging economies. 

Elin Lerum Boasson, Associate professor of Political Sciences, University of Oslo

Elin Lerum Boasson specialises on energy and climate policies in Norway, Sweden, UK and the EU. She has been a visiting scholar at University of California, Berkeley and Freie University, Berlin.

Pascale Trompette, Rhosnie Francius et Céline Cholez, Laboratoire PACTE, Université Grenoble Alpes

Pascale Trompette and Céline Cholez are sociologists and are responsible for the PAMELA programme. This programme studies the development of off-grid energy projects and related services, in order to improve their economic valorisation.  Rhosnie Francius is precisely doing her PhD thesis about electrification policies in developping countries. 

Chris Butters, Researcher at The Centre for Development and the Environment, University of Oslo

Chris Butters has worked with architecture, energy, ecology and sustainable planning for 35 years, as practising architect, author, lecturer and international consultant. Butters holds a Masters in Architecture from Montpellier, France. His latest book, 'Designing Cooler Cities' is an edited volume of reserch chapters.

Salaheddine Soummane, EDF/CIRED

Catherine Banet, Associate Professor of Energy Law, University of Oslo

Catherine Banet specializes in energy law, with a particular research focus on renewable energy, support schemes and alternative financing models, energy market design, climate change mitigation measures including carbon capture and storage.

Alexandra Almasi, Head of International Affairs, Norwegian Solar Energy Cluster

The Norwegian Solar Energy Cluster is formed of 65 private companies, 9 research institutes and 12 development actors working within the solar energy

sector in Norway. The cluster aims is to create innovation within the solar energy sector and to promote Norwegian solar technology and competence around
the world.

Jan Petter Nore, Senior Consultant in Climate, Energy and the Environment, The Norwegian agency for development cooperation (NORAD)

Member of the section "Clean Energy", Jan Petter Nore will present the activities of NORAD in electrification, renewable energy and renewable energy markets development. 

Catherine Mantel, Terrawatt Initiative

Terrawatt initiatiave gathers governmental, industrial and social actors to support the development of solar energy projects in a sustainable way. In addition to promoting a reliable resource to meet the increasing demand, Terrawatt Initiative aims at improving the access to energy throughout the world.

Julie Hamre and Sefakar Agbesi, Scatec Solar

Scatec Solar is producing electricity from solar power plants in several countries with 322 MW installed, and is growing rapidly notably in Africa. 

Anjali Shanker, Innovation Energie Développement

IED is a consulting company in engineering, specialized in sustainable energy services. They work mainly in Africa and Asia. 

Bjørn Otto Sverdrup, Senior Vice President of Sustainability, Equinor

B. Sverdrup is in charge of implementing the climate roadmap of Equinor. Equinor builds utilities for producing renewable energy, a sector also full of opportunities for the company.

Mats Stahle, Total Access to Energy

Stating that too many homes don't have access to electricity, Total developped a programme dedicated to photovoltaic products and services : Total Access to Energy. This programme, in particular with the solar lamp, has been implemented in more than 40 countries. Mats Stahle joined Total in 2002 in the finance section, before being involved in Total Energy Access to Solar.

Stanislas Merlet, Solar Energy consultant, Multiconsult

Stanislas Merlet started working in the solar energy industry in France in 2008. During the last years, in his position in Multiconsult, he developed a focus on the implementation of solar energy projects in emerging countries, among others in Africa, where he's currently involved in projects of different scales (from micro-grids to utility-scale), advising different clients (companies, development banks, governments).

Tone Cecilie Faugli, TechBridge Invest

TechBridge Invest links entreprenors with investors, and start-ups with markets in Eat Africa. It also has an incubator where grew up SUNami Solar, which offers off-grid solutions in Kenya. 

Christian de Gromard, AFD

Christian de Gromard is an engineer who started working in renewable energies at the Indian Institute of Sciences. He joins later the ADEME (France Agency for Climate) as a responsible for Africa, and started working at the energy department of the AFD in 1992.